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Unfunded Liabilities

Mariposa County has County employee retirements that have gone unfunded for years.  While the County continues in a slow economic decline, Mariposa County Supervisors vote to give themselves a Raise of over $30,000!

Housing Crisis

Mariposa County has experienced a housing issue for many years.  Instead of addressing the issue, it has always been pushed to the wayside, resulting in us losing valuable economic stimulus.

Wasteful Spending

Mariposa County is one of the poorest Counties in California, yet its County staff is over 500 people strong?  This needs to be addressed!

Latest News

January 16th, 2020

Referendum Begins Gathering Signatures.


After the approval process of language within the referendum, Mariposa County citizens begin the referendens circulation to gather needed signatures for its validation.  The referendum needs to gather a little over 800 signatures, which is 10% of the population that voted in the last gubernatorial election.  These signatures are needed by March 7th for the referendum to be approved.  At this point, the Board of Supervisors has the option to rescind their vote or hold a special election to allow the people to vote on if they want the raise or not. 

January 7th, 2020

Mariposa County Supervisors Give Themselves a raise of over $30,000.


The Mariposa County Board of Supervisors recently voted to amend the ordinance that based their pay of 25% of the Superior Court Judges salary to 40%.  This unjust action resulted in our County Supervisors receiving an over $30,000 raise with a new annual salary of over $80,000!  This misuse of County funds will cost us taxpayers $184,877  annually.  

Days Left to Gather Signatures

Approx Signatures Collected








We will contact you to sign the physical copy of the referendum.  


The Supervisors Haven't Received a Raise in Years, Isn't this raise a good thing?

The Board of Supervisors Salary is set to a percentage of the Superior Court Judge's annual salary.  The Superior Court Judges receive an annual percentage increase in their salaries of approximately 3%.  This means out Board of Supervisors receive an annual raise ALREADY of around 3%.  This percentage is the normal salary raise for any private sector employee.  

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